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Well here they are. Some of my friends. They are lovely people with lovely pages, so please make sure you put out your campfires properly when visiting.

My Snazzy List of Links

Rivers of Blood
This is a great site, with lots of nice art links.
Pteran's Nest
Visit Pteran and buy all his music and tell everyone you know to buy it so he will be rich and famous.
Michelle at Duke University
Michelle Merrill, Girl Genius and Friend of Primates
does this LOOK like heaven?
Just visit it, ok? Musical, even.

Yes, I know, there are only four links. What can I say. I know many interesting people who have not made pages yet. (Yes, Shan, that does mean you.) If you are reading this and have a page I may link please let me know. Gracias.

Comments, threats, candygrams??
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