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The web has snared tasty morsels


I do love animals. All animals. Here are a few of the most interesting varieties I have found online. The arachnids are in the process of having their own page, so watch this page in about a week. Anyway, enjoy, and what the hell, feed the animals if you want to...

They went that-a-way...

American Association of Crows and Ravens Homepage
Page of great links, check out the For the love of Crows photo album!
National Geographic Tarantula Site
Interesting model of tarantula anatomy. Not for arachnophobes. Note: this link is tricky and doesn't always work..
Fiona's Shark Mania
A great shark page, with nice clipart to use.
Bat Conservation
If you like bats, you'll love this. Downloadable sounds even.

Jenni Morrison
United States