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Greetings cats and kittens. Welcome to the cavern. Step carefully and please don't feed the tarantulas. Speaking of tarantulas, big eight-legged thanks to Yann Evenou for allowing me to use the lovely picture at the top. Yann retains all copyrights and will release the goliath birdeaters if anyone tries to use the photo, dig?

I am Jenni (also answers to Creepella, Vampira and "hey, Halloween was in October!") I am 29, I work in a financial aid office (don't ask) and attend JFK University in Orinda, California. Someday I will receive a bachelors degree in liberal arts, with a specialization in Science and Values. The focus of my degree is connectivity. Other areas of interest are phobia, intention as reality and reality (social construct? you decide).

Recently I am interested in the ghost story as art form. If you have any thoughts on this or just have a good story, please send it along.

My other personal interests are reading, writing (hoping to have some stories published this year), spiders, animal rights, human rights, spirituality of many types, beauty and compassion. And coffee. Of course.

Here is my motto for 1998 (so far). "The transitory nature of things does not diminish their goodness." It makes sense to me.

Please notice the latest link I have added, to the groovy zine I am editing, der Bleistift. And remember: Cake is happy.

Here's the page, or "that atrocious webpage" as someone likes to call it. Call it what you wish, visit, enjoy and sign the guest book.

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